Our Services


House Sitting

Need someone to watch your home, pick up the mail, water the plants, and make sure the pipes don't freeze? We've got you covered with daily visits. A member of our team will pop by every day to make sure that your home is safe and secure, whether you have pets or not.

Daily Check-in

If you have easygoing pets such as fish, caged animals, or house cats, a member of our team visits daily for feeding, socializing, waste removal, and house tending. We will bring in your mail, make sure your place stays cozy and safe, and give your animal companions 30 minutes of loving attention.

+Walk or Extra Time

For dogs or other animals that require outdoor exercise or extra attention, in addition to a daily check-in, a member of our team can take your pet for 30-60 minutes of outdoor adventure, or can stay for a longer visit. Please provide leash, collar, and clean-up bags for walks.

Overnight care

Some pets require more care than others, due to age, health, or personality. If you need someone to stay overnight at your home with your animal companion, a member of our team will arrive late in the evening and depart in the morning after household tasks.

Medication Administration

If your pet requires administration of medications orally or via injection, a member of our team can provide this service when we visit. We have experience mixing medications into foods, using pill pockets, swiftly administering medication directly into the mouth, injecting medications, and administering subcutaneous fluids to keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

Our services include text updates and photos sent to your phone, so you can rest easy every day that you are away.
— Mt Shasta Petsitters