Who Are the Mt Shasta Petsitters?


Albert Robles is owned by 4 cats, has significant experience with dogs, has experience with falconry, and is often called an "animal whisperer" by family and friends. His sensitive, caring nature is perfect for petsitting, and you can trust him with your shy, skittish, or special needs pets.

Yeshe Matthews (Albert's wife) is owned by 4 cats. She has experience with cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, and guinea pigs as well as sheep, goats, and other small animals. She has a gentle presence with animals and people alike. As a former clinic worker and pet mom who has cared for special needs kitties and bunnies, she is comfortable administering medications and other treatments to your pets.

Erika Trappozzano has experience caring for dogs, cats, and parrots. She gives her heart to your pets, and they always love to see her come back. An active mom, business owner and community volunteer, you might recognize her smiling face from events in Siskiyou County!

All of the Mt Shasta Petsitters live locally. We care about our work and care about our community. We are usually available on short notice. Let us tend your home and animals whenever you travel. It makes us happy to give them care, affection, and attention, and to help make things easier when you're away.