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about Mt Shasta Petsitters

The Mt Shasta Petsitters provide excellent care for your home and animals so you can travel with peace of mind. Our team of caring, experienced professionals love animals, live locally, and will give your home and animal companions the attention they deserve. Whether you are going to be out of town for a day, a weekend, or longer, the Mt Shasta Petsitters are ready to help. Mt Shasta Petsitters serve Dunsmuir, Mt Shasta, McCloud, Lake Shastina, Weed, and other areas of Siskiyou County.

Mount Shasta Pet Sitters came to Hawaii to care for my cat! How’s that for service?
— Marie, Big Island

Our average visit to your home lasts 30-60 minutes, and includes bringing in your mail, checking on the condition of your residence (temperature, security, lights, faucets), watering plants, and most importantly, caring for your animal companions. Once we have fed, watered and given affection to your animals, and waste is removed, we text you a photo update.



Our Services


House Sitting

Need someone to watch your home, pick up the mail, water the plants, and make sure the pipes don't freeze? We've got you covered with daily visits. A member of our team will pop by every day to make sure that your home is safe and secure, whether you have pets or not.

Daily Check-in

If you have easygoing pets such as fish, caged animals, or house cats, a member of our team visits daily for feeding, socializing, waste removal, and house tending. We will bring in your mail, make sure your place stays cozy and safe, and give your animal companions 30 minutes of loving attention.

+Walk or Extra Time

For dogs or other animals that require outdoor exercise or extra attention, in addition to a daily check-in, a member of our team can take your pet for 30-60 minutes of outdoor adventure, or can stay for a longer visit. Please provide leash, collar, and clean-up bags for walks.

Overnight care

Some pets require more care than others, due to age, health, or personality. If you need someone to stay overnight at your home with your animal companion, a member of our team will arrive late in the evening and depart in the morning after household tasks.

Medication Administration

If your pet requires administration of medications orally or via injection, a member of our team can provide this service when we visit. We have experience mixing medications into foods, using pill pockets, swiftly administering medication directly into the mouth, injecting medications, and administering subcutaneous fluids to keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

Our services include text updates and photos sent to your phone, so you can rest easy every day that you are away.
— Mt Shasta Petsitters


rates Per DaY


$15 Housesitting

Even if you don't have pets, we can stop by to water your plants, check your security, bring in mail, check on water pipes in winter, and perform required household tasks.

$20-25 Daily Check-in

We will stop by, bring in the mail, water plants, check the security of your home, remove waste, perform light household duties, and spend time cuddling your animal companions.



$35 PetSitting Over Night

We will show up at your home late in the evening, perform household tasks, spend the night with your pets, & leave in the morning after checking food, water, and waste.


$10 +Walk/Extra Time

If you'd like us to take your dog for a 30-60 minute walk, or if you'd like us to stay longer than our usual check-in, there is a fee of $10 per visit.



$5 Medication Administration

For an additional $5 per visit, we will administer flea control, pills, liquid medications, injections, and subcutaneous fluids according to your instructions.


If you have farm animals, exotic pets, or pets with special needs not described here, please contact us below to discuss. References are available upon request.


Mt Shasta Petsitters accepts cash, local checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Square payments.
Deposit required.



Who Are the Mt Shasta Petsitters?


Albert Robles is owned by 4 cats, has significant experience with dogs, has experience with falconry, and is often called an "animal whisperer" by family and friends. His sensitive, caring nature is perfect for petsitting, and you can trust him with your shy, skittish, or special needs pets.

Yeshe Matthews (Albert's wife) is owned by 4 cats. She has experience with cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, and guinea pigs as well as sheep, goats, and other small animals. She has a gentle presence with animals and people alike. As a former clinic worker and pet mom who has cared for special needs kitties and bunnies, she is comfortable administering medications and other treatments to your pets.

Erika Trappozzano has experience caring for dogs, cats, and parrots. She gives her heart to your pets, and they always love to see her come back. An active mom, business owner and community volunteer, you might recognize her smiling face from events in Siskiyou County!

All of the Mt Shasta Petsitters live locally. We care about our work and care about our community. We are usually available on short notice. Let us tend your home and animals whenever you travel. It makes us happy to give them care, affection, and attention, and to help make things easier when you're away.





Please contact Mt Shasta Petsitters by calling or texting Albert at 1(925)667-5488 or by filling out the form below.